Challenge121 is personal training with a difference. This unique fitness system has been developed to deliver a training format, which offers a fast, manageable, interactive and effective way to help you reach your physical and nutritional goals. Each and every challenge121 training program is individually structured to firstly identify and address unhealthy areas of physical and nutritional wellbeing. The second step of the system is to improve these areas.

This is achieved through a number of regularly placed challenges, which the PT will present to you. Challenges are strategically placed every 4th session. These 4 session blocks are called challenge modules. Although all challenges are ultimately designed to test you both physically and mentally, they are also structured in relation to your current capabilities and fitness levels. Challenges are above all... achievable, which builds self belief and confidence..

The foundation of challenge121, is built on the following 5 points:

1: Challenges

2: Incentives

3: Self belief

4: Motivation

5: Timeline